“The future belongs to us: a world that we control, not a world that controls us.”

Oleg Sidorkin, Cinevva CTO

October 16th, 2021

As a rather small #game and #softwaredevelopment team, we spend most of the time in front of our own workstations at home or from anywhere now and even before #covid19pandemic times.

It feels good to step outside and enjoy some of the epic views of Lake Travis outside of Austin city area. Despite the Texas sun in October, we managed to take some cool shots, while going over our company’s future. It is a celebration of achieved milestones for the launch of VIO 2.0 open platform 🚀 also marking a new beginning for the team and the company.

Oleg Sidorkin has joined Cinevva’s founding team as CTO & Co-Founder along with Mariana Muntean, CEO & Founder launching together a successful PoC during Mozilla Builders Incubator and are continuing to build a community around gaming crypto.

VIO 2.0 is a decentralized ecosystem for freedom fighters in games and animation building interactive content breaking their chains from corporate controlled environments.

What does it really mean to live in a decentralized world and why are we pursuing it as the main direction at Cinevva? The freedom of speech and expression is at the basis of any individual’s right and is superior to any politics or powers… or is it?

How do we really tackle not one, but ultimately a series of problems artists, designers, indie developers encounter daily in game development?

Governments around the world control, limit, or outright ban access to information online. Recent events in the United States where massive personal databases leaked from companies like T-Mobile, Twitch, Facebook, and others reveal the levels of surveillance every individual is exposed to. They know everything about us — it’s like living in “glass fortresses”, a reference from “We”, an anti-utopia novel written by Eugene Zamyatin 100 years ago about the predictability of human nature and its predetermined fate in a surveilled world.

The world has changed; however most of us chose to either ignore it or become oblivious to it, escaping into the virtual space provided by our phones, computers, consoles and TVs. 63.2% of the whole world have access to and use the internet, and just in the United States alone, more than 3 million GB of data is shared online each minute, all which is stored and analyzed by large corporations, who sell our data to create a profit margin. Meanwhile, the creators, indie developers who produce this content are underpaid, under-engaged, under-monetized and, at times, censored, thanks to outdated ad- and plugin-driven business models. Such an example can be seen in an article regarding the developer Louis Barclay*, who created a browser extension for Facebook “Unfollow Everything,” was asked to take the tool down and never create another one again for the company. This is just one example.

While gaming industry is supposed to generate $200B in revenues in 2021, only 0,1 % of independent developers are making profits in their first month of their game release on Steam or on other mainstream platforms. There are more than 30 million of devs out there that are registered on one or another game engines. So who makes money in the gaming industry? The answer is simple — the elites, the 5% or the 8%. The indies are here to support the growth of the elites.

No privacy, complete lack of trust and collective revolt has determined our team to turn to a decentralized ecosystem for independent developers, as part of the collective action pool where one always rips the benefits from. A network without tracking, without collecting personal data about you, your friends, your puppies — just you, your virtual identity and experience. We believe decentralizing access to content creation, monetization and management can solve these problems in the same way Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are decentralizing the financial system.

We hope you can support our mission and join our community as freedom fighters for a future controlled by you. Join Cinevva’s Discord and app.vioflo.com for more info.

Freedom ✌

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VIO 2.0 is a decentralized ecosystem for freedom fighters in games and animation building interactive content breaking their chains from corporate environmnets