Goodbye, 2020! Hello, 2021!

Looking back at this year there are a couple of defining moments for our team worth emphasizing.

2020 was hard, probably the hardest for start-ups looking for funding. But we are still here.

A “Grand Merci” to our mentors! You stuck with us through some rough times. But that only made our bond stronger

Initiating strong connections and relationships with #Unity & #unreal as well as the #gamedev ecosystem was pivotal for us. We are here to serve #indiedevs #diversecreatives without tech skills build successful games.

As a first-time raising start-up, we managed to get our first grant and The First Investment Check during Covid! Thank you to those who believe! Please keep supporting us!

Our team grew a lot and now is global and our virtual meetings are now with dogs, cats, kids, crying infants, other family members eating in the background, in pajamas, from the car, from the doctors’ office, at 2AM and/or 6AM the same day, sick or not, from someone else’s phone or mom’s iPad, from literally anywhere on the globe. But meetings were conducted daily and we’re prototyping our way into our MVP!

We’ll make a game about the 2020 experience. We owe it to civilization.

Making games, telling stories, touching people’s hearts isn’t going anywhere, it only grows. All we are trying to do is bring smart AI to simplify the difficult processes for a larger, wider, and fun audience of creatives with a passionate bunch (meaning us lol). But we still have a long way to go and we need your support now more than ever. Like & Share, Follow us, Spread the word, give us feedback…it makes a difference

2021 has already set its’ course towards creative connection with one another! See y’all at all the virtual events, meetups, Global Game Jams, tournaments, and at let’s play hangouts

Our first title is under way of a remake of #spelunky game combined with #mario with GPT-3 AI features.

Comment what spin would you take on it?

Happy New Ox Year, Friends!

VIO 2.0 is a decentralized ecosystem for freedom fighters in games and animation building interactive content breaking their chains from corporate environmnets